Nejla Güleryüz

Born on September 11, 1986 in Istanbul, Nejla Güleryüz started her love for music with her first guitar, which was her family's gift when she was 14 years old.

After her education life, her passion for music continued at all times in addition to her experiences in different professions.

She continues her guitar experience, which she started in her childhood, and also uses instruments in the rhythm instrument segment such as percussion.

In 2012, he moved to İskenderun and joined the İskenderun Heripus Polyphonic Choir , which had just completed his first age five years later, and started his first professional activities in his music life.

Nejla Güleryüz, who has signed many social responsibility projects, especially education and women's rights, is married and has two daughters.

Currently, she is working as a manager (Coordinator & Manager) and as a chorist in our choir.